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a)Before you read:

  1. Anguish, fear, no-control, disaster, death, bad luck, punishment, terrified, negated.

  2. ´The universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed´. And no, I don´t believe in fate because it´s existance can´t be proved. People want to have something or someone to blame in order to confront their problems in a easier way, so we tend to believe in ´natural forces´when we don´t have scientific facts to sustent them. (We are also sentimentalist, so the idea of the world having an order and specific path feels comforting. Thinking that bad things happen because it´s how it´s supposed to be and that we can´t do much for it is easier than accepting our mistakes, when it´s time to).

b)After you read:

  1. Klara is a young woman who had three babies that died before the one born in this story (the fourth). Her husband is a barman, and she is his third marriage. The child that has just been born is Adolf Hitler, the causative of World War II.

  2. I feel a lot of sympathy because she had a 3 babies and the new one that have borned had the possibility to die, and her anguish is so clearly expressed that it hits you in your bones.






Kara didn’t drink tea.

The doctor gave Kara tea to calm down.

Kara talked to the doctor about Gustav.

Kara didn’t talked to the doctor about Gustav.

Kara talked to the doctor about Ida’s funeral.

Kara didn’t  talk to the doctor about Ida’s funeral.

Kara thought that the baby was going to die because the doctor asked her for the baby’s name.

Kara didn’t mind about the doctor asking for the baby’s name.



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