Nicolas Bramajo 1H


Nicolas Bramajo 1h

Booklet Pet 2

Test 1


Hi friends!

Thank you for this amazing weekend. I love staying with you. My favorite part it was when we went to play football. It was the perfect day and it was sunny. Would you like to come to my house next weekend?

Big Hugs



Hello Maria

I have seen the programme about the dolphins it is fantastic but I prefer another programmes  like the programme about the wild life. It is called “The fantastic animals”. I watch a lot of TV. I watch 4 hours the TV and videos in youtube. My mum says that I have to stop watching tv but I can’t because if I do not watch television I get bored.  If you want you want we can meet at the cinema and me can see the new film. It is called “Rush”. It is about how fast run the animals.

Big Hugs



Walking in the rain I was sad and worried because I was lost. I was in a village in the countryside.  Suddenly I saw a bus station so I went to the stop. I was scared because it was at night and could not see anything. Then, I saw the bus so I got on the bus.

The bus was not very good. It was awful. Suddenly the driver crash the bus. He said me that I have to take another bus but I was near to my house. I walked 10 blocks and I saw my family waiting me, they were worried. It was the worst day

Test 2


Hi Alice!

Yesterday a TV company came to my school to make a film. They choose my school because we are beautiful. The TV Company make a film about a crime on my school.The film will be shown on Friday.  Would you like to see it with me?  






Hello I think going on holidays with your parents is not bad but if you have to invite you should invite Carla because she is a very good person with you. She always greet you and she always is with you. If she cannot go with you, you should go with Ana because she is your friend since you have started the school. Although she is not with you, she loves you. Last holidays I went with my family and peter and we had a good time but when we came back my friends were angry with me because I didn’t met him. You have to decide.

Bye Bye


As soon as I saw the handwriting on the envelope I smiled. I thought that it was a award but it was a note from my mother. She was in Australia and she wrote me a letter it said she is going to come 1 July. I was so happy  

1st of july my father said me that mum died on the plane. It was an awful notice. Then my father went to his job. I have cried for 2 hours but when my father came he comes with my mum. I was very happy. At night we ate pizza, my favourite food.

Test 3


Hi sally

I can’t go to the cinema on Tuesday because is my grandmother’s birthday. If you want we can go to the cinema the next Tuesday but I prefer to go to the cinema on Friday. Remember that we are going to meet on the Italian restaurant

Bye bye


HI Tom

I love scotland because it has a lot of castles. i think the countryside is beautiful and quiet but the town is better because you have a lot of services. in the town you have a shopping mall and a lot of shops. in the countryside you have not got the shopping mall but it is not noisy. I think you have to visit the countryside and the town. You should choose the town because you have a lot of services and in the countryside are  huges spiders and snakes

bye bye

your pen friend nico


As the man left cafe, Maria saw that his phone was still on the table. She is very careful because one day someone stole her wallet.

It was 3rd october when she realized that she hadn’t  got the wallet. she was very worried. She was on a italian restaurant and when she had to paid but she could not pay. She was very sad and nervous because her mum said that she had to be very careful. While she was going to her house she saw a man who ran from her very fast. She was very scared.  

Now, she is very cautious



Sorry Alex

I can’t go to the cinema tomorrow, It is my mum’s birthday. If you want we can go to the cinema next week. I’m  going to be in the restaurant, if you want we will be meet there. What movie do you want to watch?

big Hugs




Hello Richard

It is a good idea to go to a restaurant next week. I love the italian restaurants because my favourite food is pasta and pizza. I eat out once a week but i think my family will eat twice a week

One day when i went to a restaurant with my family and a man started to scream. I was very scared so went to the bathroom. I was very embarrassed because  i had cried but then my family ate pizza and i was very happy. While we were going to home my mum gave me a present, It a very good day Unless the man was screaming


I had a real surprise when i turned on the television because it was an advertisement about a robber.I think i am not going to see him but this night all had changed. I saw him through the window. I was very scared. I saw him stealing a house so i said that to my parents. My mum saw him but the police did not go So he could stole the house. The next day was another advertisement and it says that the police catched him. Then, the police called me to thank me because i warn them. I felt that i was a hero

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