Past Perfect Simple
Complete the sentences below with the simple form of past perfect.
Example:    He ____________ (leave) when I arrived.
     He had left when I arrived.

1.    I thought I knew her. I thought I   (see) her before.
2.    He   (drive) only twice in his life before the accident.
3.    Bonny no longer had her car. She   (sell) it.
4.    I saw Annabel last week. She   (change) a lot.
5.    Terry wasn't at home He   (just go) out.
6.    I tried to find Mr Jones but he wasn't around. Then I found out he 
7.    He didn't need to borrow the car because he   (have) 
his bike repaired.
8.    Jenny   (just get) home when the phone rang.
9.    The new restaurant wasn't open any longer. It   (close) down.
10.    He fed the cat because no-one   (feed) it for days.

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form sentences in Past Perfect. Use contracted forms only when there are personal pronouns.
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Form of the Past Perfect
1.    She   in Sweden before she went to Norway. (to live)
2.    After we   the cornflakes, Henry came in. (to eat)
3.    Before Ken ran to Kerry's house, he   him. (to phone)
4.    After they   their rucksacks, they rode away on their bikes. (to pack)
5.    Gerry helped his grandma in the house because his father   him so. (to tell)
6.    The cat hid under the chair because the children   so loud. (to be)
7.    Before the students started to write, the teacher   their mobile phones. (to collect)
8.    After Max   his breakfast, he left the flat. (to finish)
9.    Laura repaired her glasses because her brother   them. (to break)
10.    By the time the show began, all friends  . (to arrive)

1.He   in Spain before he went to Italy. (to live)

2.After we   the wine, Sean came in. (to drink)

3.Before I went to the doctor, I   him to make an appointment. (to phone)

4.After they   their sandwiches, they carried on playing cards. (to eat)

5.Jake helped his father in the garden because his mother   him to. (to tell)

6.We thought the children were asleep because they   so quiet. (to be)

7.Before we left the village, we   good bye to everyone. (to say)

8.After Martin  , he got dressed. (to shower)

9.Susan changed her dress because her brother   juice on it. (to spill)

10.By the time the play began, all my friends  . (to arrive)

Past Perfect tense exercises. Fill in the gaps with the words at the very end of the sentences in Past Perfect Tense.
1.    It   to rain after we   to the station. (start / get)
2. We   the village where we   as children. (visit / live) 
3. By the time we   the inn all the guests  . (reach / leave)
4. We   him just after he   news of his dismissal. (meet / get)
5. I said I   that play before. (see)
6. Nobody   where she  . (know / go)
7. They   dinner when we  . (finish / arrive)
8. He said that he already twice   our town. (visit)
9. We   to know which novels he  . (want / read)
10. They told us that the children   all the cake. (eat)
11. Why didn't you go to bed after you   supper? (have)
12. By that time we   your telegram. (already get)
13. She   all her money before her father  . (spend / come)
14. Your letter   five minutes after he  . (come / leave)
15. I   him for the flowers he   me. (thank / send)
16. After we   writing we   in the garden. (finish / play)
17. Who   into the room after the telephone  ? (come / ring)
18. We couldn’t   the door because he   our keys. (open / lose)
19. She   to cry when the light   out. (begin / go)
20. By the time I   him he   his studies. (meet / already finish)
2.    Past Perfect - Questions
3.    Make the past perfect simple - 'wh' or 'yes/no' questions
(you/go) there before we went together?
 Had you gone   


(she/see) the film already?

 Had she seen 

3) Why 

(he/forget) about the meeting?

 had he forgotten 


(it/be) cold all week?

Had it been 


(I/read) the book before the class?

 Had I read 

6) When she arrived 

(we/eat) already?

 had we eaten 

7) Where 

(you/be) when I saw you?

 had you been 


(they/travel) by bullet train before?

 Had they travelled


(John/meet) Lucy before they worked together?

 Had John met 


(you/do) your homework before I saw you?

 Had you done 


11) Where 


had she worked 



(I/pay) the bill before we left?

Had I paid 



(we/visit) my parents already that winter?

Had we visited 


14) When you called, 

(they/eat) dinner?

 had they eaten 


15) How 

(he/manage) to fix the cooker?

 had he managed 



(my sister/be) sick for a long time?

 Had my sister been 


17) How much 

(she/study) before the exam?

had she studied 


18) What 

(you/cook) for dinner that night?

 had you cooked 


19) When 


 had they arrived 


20) How many coffees 

(she/drink) before the interview?

 had she drunk 



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