Gregorio Minetti y Santiago Rodriguez Fanna.

Nowadays, it is more usual to see a movie in your house with friends or family instead of going to a cinema.

First of all, we think that is much more comfortable to stay at home with friends instead of being in the cinema with annoying people. The benefits of watching a movie at home are, for example: pausing the movie whenever you want or using the mobile phone without disturbing others. The only bad point is that you can´t see it in the premiere day, you have to wait some months.

The disadvantages of going to the cinema are that people disobey the rules and probably you will not enjoy the magic of watching a movie in the cinema. On the other hand when you watch a film in your house, you propose your own rules so the moment is more pleasant for everyone.

 When you watch movies at your home, you don´t have to move, if you want to go to the cinema you will have to travel by car.

In conclusion, we think that watching a movie at home is the most enjoyable way.

Fecha: 16/10/2018 | Creado por: Gregorio Joaquin