Guido Divinsky, Matias Chalom y Tomas Noti


There are two options of watching movies, at home or at the cinema. Both of them are enjoyable. Some people prefer at home and some at the cinema.

To begin with, we think that watching the film at home is more comfortable than in the cinema because at home we can watch the film relaxing on the sofa. Furthermore, you don´t have to go out of your own house to watch the movie. You can pause the film all the time you want, too.

Secondly, if you go to the cinema you have to travel there. it could be expensive, and if you live far away from the cinema, you will be late. Besides, you can find talkative people and that can annoy you.

Finally, an advantage of seeing the movie at the cinema is that the food they offer you is nice but at the same time is not cheap. 

To sum up, we prefer seeing movies at home because we don´t have to move, to turn on the TV and play Netflix.

Fecha: 16/10/2018 | Creado por: Guido