Deborah Strauss and Tatiana Calderon

It is better to watch a film at home rather than in a cinema. Do you agree?

Notes: write about

1 which is more comfortable

2 which has a better atmosphere

3 (our own idea) noises and stopping the film

Nowadays, it is more common to see a movie in your house than going to a cinema. However, making this decision is very difficult.  

Firstly, watching a film in your house is more comfortable than having to get the tickets and getting to the cinema on time. That´s because you can beas comfortable as you want and you can be eating at anytime.

However, the cinema´s atmosphere is much better than at home. The screen is bigger and the sound is also better. Also, you can go to the cinema with friends and have a nice time. Watching a film at home is more antisociable.

Lastly, if you watch a movie in your home, you are able to pause it when you want to go to the toilet or when you want to stand up. On the other hand, in the cinema there is less noise because everyone is concentrated on the movie, at your home, maybe there are annoying interruptions.

To sum up, we prefer watching a movie at home because it is more comfortable and you can do whatever you want while you watch it. 


Fecha: 16/10/2018 | Creado por: Tatiana Micaela