Lautaro Stork and Mora Torrea

Essay question

Its is better to watch a film at home rather than in a cinema. Do you agree?


Write about:

1- which is more comfortable 2- which has a better atmosphere 3- which is more sociable 


Watching films is something that everyone usually does. In this essay we are going to compare the situation of watching a film at the cinema or at home.

On the one hand , the cinema quality is much better than the house, because the sound is more concentrated in one place. In adittion, the screen is bigger and you can watch the movie premiere.Furthermore, going to the cinema is more sociable than watching a film in your home because, if you go to the cinema you always invite someone to watch the film with you.

On the other hand, watching films in your home is more comfortable, because you can watch it in your bed or on the sofa at anytime you want. Also, you can eat anything, you can pause or play the film whenever. Watching a film in your house is the cheapest.

To conclude we prefer to watch the films in our home because we think that the comfort is very important when it come to decide where to see a movie

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