1. He ___________________ his first championship in 2012. Since then he ___________________ everything and ___________________ only once. (WIN, WIN, LOSE)

2. When we finally ___________________ at the camp it ___________________ heavily. (ARRIVE, RAIN)

3. Dad ___________________ a walk with the dog every afternoon. (TAKE)

4. I can't reach my manager. He ___________________ in North America at the moment. (TRAVEL)

5. I ___________________ to the meeting yesterday because I _______________________ about it. (NOT GO, NOT INFORM)

6. I ___________________ your uncle for ages. I don't know where he ___________________ right now. (NOT SEE, BE)

7. The family usually ___________________ breakfast together during the week, but on weekends everyone ___________________ breakfast on their own. (HAVE, HAVE)

8. I ______________________ this school for the last two years. Before that I ________________ to Jackson High School for a year. (ATTEND, GO)

9. What ___________________ when the headmaster ___________________ the room yesterday afternoon? (YOU DO, ENTER)

10.I _______________________ at the door for ages. Where ___________________? (KNOCK, YOU BE)

11.He _______________________ noise for a whole hour before the neighbours finally ___________________ the police. (MAKE, CALL)

12. I'd like to introduce my new girlfriend. She _________________ from Australia. (COME)

13.She ___________________ well yesterday, probably because she ___________________ too much. (NOT FEEL, EAT) 14.It was a wonderful morning and the sun ___________________ brightly when I ___________________ up. (SHINE, GET)

15.They ___________________ this church in the 19 th century and since then it ___________________ renovated. (BUILD, NEVER BE) 16.The president ___________________ to Virginia for a campaign speech next Sunday. (COME)

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