1. He couldn't concentrate on his exam because of the noise. (SO) It was _________________________________ couldn't concentrate on his exam.

2. I haven't received an answer yet. (STILL) I _________________________________ an answer.

3. He has always found cooking easy. (GOOD) He has always _________________________________ cooking.

4. This is the strangest music I have ever heard. (STRANGE) I have ____________________________________ music before.

5. I have only been to America once before. (TIME) This is only the _________________________________ to America.

6. Sam would rather not go to the cinema tonight. (FEEL) Sam _________________________________ to the cinema tonight.

7. She looks just like she did when I last met her. (SAME) She looks exactly _________________________________ when I last met her.

8. Getting tickets for the concert is harder than I thought. (NOT) Getting tickets for the concert _________________________________ I thought.

9. My friend said, " You took my schoolbag away from me!" (ACCUSED) My friend _________________________________ her schoolbag away from her.

10.It's easy for the mayor to speak in public. (DIFFICULTY) The mayor _________________________________ speaking in public.

11.We have not sat in the garden house since last summer. (LAST) The _________________________________ in the garden house was last summer.

12.Going home without saying goodbye wouldn't be right. (OUGHT) I think we really _______________________________________ we leave.

13.I was told that booking in advance wasn't necessary. (WORRY) I was told that I _________________________________ about booking in advance.

14.My boss always criticises his staff. (TENDENCY) My boss _______________________________________ his staff.

15.They will ask to see your documents at the border. (SHOW) You will _________________________________ your documents at the border.

16.At the end of the presentation Allen showed some slides. (FINISHED) Allen _______________________________________________ some slides.

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