Do the exercises. Write in your binder the answers so we can check them

Future Tenses - Exercise

Fill in the correct future tense - will future, going to or present progressive.
1. They  (drive) to New York tomorrow morning.
2. I hope the weather  (be) nice.
3. I offered him this job. I think he  (take) it.
4. I promise I  (not tell) your secret to anyone.
5. Take your umbrella with you. It  (rain).
6. They  (play) cards this evening.
7. I  (go) to the cinema tomorrow.
8. They  (fly) to Seattle next summer holidays.
9. I  (invite) 50 people to the party, and I hope everyone  (come).
10. That exercise looks difficult. I  (help) you.
11.  he  (go) to the football match?
12. Are you sure they  (win) the match?
13. She  probably  (stay) till Thursday.
14. He  (not leave) tomorrow.
15. We think he  (come) home late in the night.
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