Find one adjective-noun combination for each of the blanks.



Come for a day out at Streatham Palace. Join our knowledgable staff on a 1.___ of this magnificent home. There is nothing else like this in London so this is a  2.___ to learn about 3.___ in the eighteenth century before the modern era of electricity and 4.___ comumunicationS. There has only been a 5.___ to the appearance of the house since it was built sometime between 1760 and 1780, the 6.___ is not known.

See the 7.___ in lifestyles between the rich house owner and the life of the staff. Staff at the time were used to 8.___; they worked twelve hours a day, six days a week. Actors in period costumes play the parts of the people who lived there, telling you about their lifestyles.

After a 9.___ in the kitchen, the staff would start work. One of the first jobs was making up the fires in every room each morning. (these were the days before 10.___).

In the main part of the house you can see the 11.___ of French design, shown in the choice of furniture and fabric. Visit the fantastic dining room where an invitation to dinner would  have been a truly 12.___. In the living room the large windows fill the room with 13.___. The house contains many 14.___ by famous British artists of the time.

In the main bedroom see the huge bed that was made in 1825 as a present for an Indian Prince but never reached its 15.___. The tour continues to the area where the staff lived in the attic and finishes in our tearoom and gift shop.

This is a chance to make history come alive!


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