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LONDON in August!

Below is a detailed description of what we worked on during the six classes between Monday August 6th and Friday August 17th. [+]


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Pautas de Aprobación de la Materia 2018

Descargar Imagen (en caso de no tener la versión impresa). Debe ser traída a clase, firmada por padre, madre o tutor, antes de la finalización del primer trimestre. [+]


Find your group and activity schedule for your classes of October 25th to November 6th [+]


Exercise Booklet [+]

Passive Voice!

Check out some articles on the use of the passive voice in politics [+]

JULY BOOKLET! (Practice Schedule + Answer Key)

See the practice schedule for your class during July, and check your answers! [+]


Conditionals and Hypothetical Past Situations [+]