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The Bluest Eye

Home Reading: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison [+]


Article on Hedge Words

Home Reading: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

2017 Mock Exams

Further practice for CPE [+]



Dear all,

Attached to this message, you will find the required material for our next meeting. Remember that you focus on the following aspects for assessment:

1. Task Achievement

2. Organization

3. Cohesion and Coherence

4. Grammar and Vocabulary

5. Other aspects: punctuation and paragraphing

Instructions for End-of-the-Year "Coloquio"

Dear all,

The instructions for your end-of-the-year "coloquio" are as follows:

1. You must sit for your final comprehensive assessment in the groups as formed and assigned by your teacher. (see below)

2. The interview will consist in four parts:

a.  A dramatized dialogue in which 15 multi-word verbs are utilized. The lexical items must be organized according to either a lexcial field or a specific adverbial particle/preposition. The performance must last at least four minutes. 

b. A presentation based on a theme explored in one of the units included in your student´s book. The topic must be both expounded on and expanded. With this in mind, each gruop must look up articles featured in authentic publications (Newsweek, The Guardian, etc) related to the selected theme for expansion purposes. 

c. A debate on a key question connected with the stories and novels analyzed in this academic year. The talk is to centre on one literary aspects.

d. A set of personal questoins. This part of the "coloquio" cannot be rehearsed. You will be asked questions which resemble those CPE candidates must tackle. 

3. The articles selected must be submitted virtually via email fifteen day before the date allocated for each interview.

The Bluest Eye

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