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This book has every grammar point you will need to study throughout the year. Use it to practise for the tests, or as extra practice. Enjoy!

This book will help you improve on your writing skills! Do not hesitate to use it; it is very clear and ery helpful! Enjoy!

Successful Writing

Getting ready for next year!

Click on the links and practise. Remember that you can also use the Workbook, the keys of which are in the home as well. Enjoy!

Reporting Verbs 1

Reporting Verbs 2

Reporting Verbs 3

Reporting Verbs 4

Attached you will find the keys to Units 4 and 5 from the Workbook; and the Review of Unit 4 from the Student´s Book. I hope they are useful!!!!

Here you will find a link to a Cambridge Website that has everything you need to know and practise for the schools tests as well as for the International Exam. Do not hesitate to use it, it is extremely helpful!!!!

CAE International Exam

Complete the exercises and practise! 

Attached you will find a ppt presentation with all the tips you have to follow when presenting the project.

Attached you will find the keys to all the Units of the Workbook.

Here I provide you with a link to practise Mixed Conditionals. I hope it is useful!

Conditional Sentences


If you need to practise Listening, you can find some interesting audios here, hope they are useful! 


Click on the link, read the text and jot down the main ideas in order to discuss in class. Pay attention to the Vocabulary!!!! 

Dear Students: As promised, I am attaching the keys to the Review pages from the Student´s Book (pages 40/41); and the keys to the Workbook (whole Unit 3). Open the file and look at the picture in order to check.