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First Certificate Practice

This is a link in which you will find all the parts of the First Certificate International Exam. You can use ANY exercise you find here as extra practice, or to study for the tests. Do not hesitate to ask any questions!!!! Enjoy!!! [+]

English Grammar in Use

This book has every grammar point you will need to study throughout the year. Use it to practise for the tests, or as extra practice. Enjoy! [+]


Hello Students! Have you been studying? Have you written the informal letter? I surely hope so! Here you will find a file attached with all the keys to the Workbook, Unit 1, and in the body of this article you will find the keys to the first page of the Handout. [+]


Attached you will find the keys to the Workbook, Unit 4. Hope they are useful!

Here I provide you with a link to practise tenses through transformations. I hope it is useful!!!

Transformations: Tenses 

This is the video we watched in class. I think it is worth a second look!!!!

The Butterfly Circus

Attached you will find the keys of the Workbook, Unit 2. In this article you will also find the keys of the handout, page 13.

Handout, page 13

1. succeeded in finding // 2. am used to going // 3. to my sitting // 4. instead of taking // 5. as well as playing // 6. not having talked // 7. taking care of //8. feel like going out tonight. // 9. in addition to writing // 10. prevented the boat from setting  // 11. are looking forward to watching //12. borrowed her earrings without asking // 13. no point in trying // 14. found a difficulty in convincing // 15. (to dad) for breaking // 16. is not worth washing...


Here you will find the link to the video we watched in class. Didn´t you find it interesting? =)

Erika, video from The Guardian


Attached you will find the keys to the Workbook, Unit 3.

This book will help you improve on your writing skills! Do not hesitate to use it; it is very clear and ery helpful! Enjoy!

Successful Writing